Monday, June 27, 2011

We've hit 6 months!!

Yup my little man is 6 months and 4 days old! It's amazing just how fast the time has gone!! He had his health check last Wednesday (so the day before he turned 6 months)! My little beefcake weighed in at 8.25kg and 70cm! But he is perfectly in proportion so I'm happy about that!

It amazes me how fast they begin to learn things! He still hasn't rolled from back to tummy but today I swore he was going to do it!! Soon though I'm sure! But now on his tummy-  which he loves being on- he is really trying to push up and back on to his knees! Amazing! With a bit of luck he'll be crawling in no time! He just needs to work it out! He gets up on his knees but face plants or pushes up on his arms and slides backwards! Crazy little man!!

His reflux seems to be settling WAY down which is awesome! Whilst I'm lucky it never really caused him pain, it's just been gross and well I'm glad he really only spews little possets now not so much the big spews (still happen on occasion but not as often)! But he drools SO MUCH so he's still saturated all the time! LOL!!

He seems to be back to sleeping good day sleeps and back to sleeping all night (generally through til 6.30/7) which is doing wonders for my sanity! Such a good boy!

We are obviously in a sunny period and not in a wonder week or anything so he is being an amazing baby right now and very few cries come from him!!!

Motherhood..well where do I begin! I got a new job and started part time which I enjoyed at first but now I'm bored and really there is no challenge to it! So I thought aout going back to my old job and met to discuss with them! I wanted 3 days which I wouldn't have an issue putting Ashton in care for but they refused to bend on 4 days and wanted me to go back to reception which well...a monkey could do that job! I got bored of that after 3 months when I started there when I Was 19 and had had no experience! So that was really disappointing but a real eye opener to see how little they value long term employees!! So not sure what I'm going to do but for now i'll just stick with the part time job at the physio!!

I just wish there was a great job I could do from home til I'm finished studying so I didn't have to leave Ashton! I'm no good at party plan as I'm not a natural sales person and talking in front of a group just freaks me out!!

My fissure is still giving me grief! It seemed better for a while but now its back and its painful! So will be making an appointment to see the doctor and push to have the surgery to fix it - everyone I've spoken to has said the surgery has worked wonders and well to be honest...that's what I want!!

I've also started running as a way of helping me lose weight! I'm exactly what I was pre pregancy but I've been like 6-8kg over what I'm happy with for years so I'm trying to get it off!! I started the c25k running program - you can read about it on my other blog - ! I'm really hoping I can finish the program successfully!!

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